RMA (Return Materials Authorization) Process

Please utilize this process when returning products to GMI Solutions to help ensure a timely repair/return of your product.

Our team of world class technicians will be able to best help and arrive at root cause analysis using your input.

Request RMA

  • Please have the following information ready when you call or email to request an RMA
    • System/component part number (usually found on main system serial number label)
    • System/component serial number, if applicable (some components do not have serial numbers)
    • Cause of failure (detailed as possible to help us identify cause properly, and to track failure modes)
    • Additional, pertinent information on a case-by-case basis
  • Call to request an RMA number
    • Your Account Manager is the place to start; they are dedicated to your team and will be able to help you get started

Return the system

  • Prepare system for shipment (please use adequate packaging to ensure safe arrival)
  • CLEARLY mark the RMA number you received in an obvious location on the shipping carton.  In addition, please use the RMA number in the address label as identified below.  GMI Solutions uses same-day receipts on returns to further ensure quick service for our OEM customers, and this number helps keep that process moving smoothly.
  • Use the headquarters address:
    • GMI Solutions
      ATTN: RMA #xxxxxx
      10202 North Enterprise Drive
      Mequon, WI 53092
    • For returns to GMI Solutions Shanghai, China facility, please work with your local China Account Manager
  • Ship the unit back
    • Remember that the return freight and associated charges are the responsibility of the customer.  GMI Solutions, in turn, is responsible for standard shipment back to you at a domestic location for systems under warranty.
    • GMI Solutions can expedite return shipment, though additional charges may apply.
    • The customer is responsible for return shipment from GMI Solutions for out-of-warranty systems, upgrade requests, and other units sent back at the customer’s request.
    • Individual agreements (i.e. Long Term Purchase Agreements) that you have signed with us may differ.  In this case, the terms in the Agreement prevail.

Repair process

  • Your dedicated Core Team will be directing the repairs of your system; they’re the ones who know your requirements best.
  • If we have questions, we’ll get in touch with you.
  • If charges or fees will be incurred to repair the system, we will request your permission (generally through the Quote/PO process).
  • Individual agreements (i.e. Long Term Purchase Agreements) that you have signed with may differ.  In this case, the terms in the Agreement prevail.
  • If you require a status update on your system, please contact your Account Manager; they have extensive tools and resources for identifying the current status of any system. 

Return process

  • GMI Solutions, per our standard agreement, is responsible for return shipment of in-warranty systems to your location.  In the case of international destinations, other arrangements may be made and may incur additional fees.  Again, signed contractual agreements may differ and will prevail in cases of discrepancies.

GMI Solutions Service Mission: 

GMI Solutions mission is to provide you – our OEM customer – with world-class expedient service to get your repaired unit back to you as quickly as possible. This helps further solidify a true partnership in which we operate as a virtual division of your organization.

Thank you for your continued business and trust!

Revised 03/24/2013