Change Is Hard – Here’s a Tool to Help

Change is hard for a company’s most important asset – its people. Sometimes transitions end in a change in associates, sometimes it involves physical moves, sometimes it’s a reporting structure. Sometimes it’s a change in a specific department or position’s requirements.

Perfect Fit Solution

Often times I hear customers tell me everything they want their new assembly to do. They want all the bells and whistles. They want it to have a certain footprint and be super quiet etc. Then I inform them that there isn’t anything currently on the market that is off the shelf that does what they want so it would be a solution specific for them.


You know CE, CSA, RoHS and UL. But do you know CCC? For many of us that deal with manufacturing of electromechanical assemblies or turnkey products that are sold in North America or Europe are familiar with many of the safety and emission certifications that are required for our products to be authorized to sell.


GMI Solutions’ I.D.8. (ideate) process consists of an in-dept 8-point review on all major aspects of a product’s design. It is intended to offer GMI’s OEM partners succinct, actionable items to allow for product improvements. Savings can come from design efficiencies, serviceability increases and higher customer satisfaction.


Within this market Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) all over the world face increasing challenges to remain competitive on a global basis. Customers demand more with greater value, increased competition from globally based companies’ forces lowered profit margins, ever-changing technology creates shorter product life cycles, costs of all types are escalating, and resources are stretched thin.