Rejuvenating Legacy Hardware

We know OEMs are required to support products much longer than most industries, and sometimes you just can’t get the parts you need any more.

We can help.

By combining Hardware and Archeology we have created a new area of service and expertise for our OEMs that help to identify, revitalize and restore aging or older products to their original intentions/designs.

GMI Solutions team of Archeologists work with you to determine the functionality of your hardware along with backward or forward compatibility needs. Regulatory compliance, software or other concerns are all identified and mitigated through our in-depth analysis of the current hardware needs and any past iterations which are available to review.

  • Leverage GMI Solutions experience to breathe new life into your install base.
  • Understand, diagnose and correct field failures on out of warranty units.
  • Let our experienced staff bring your older technology into the 21st century without the hassle of software changes or recertification of the whole product.
  • Lengthen the extended life warranties on many of your existing products, a cost effective way for your clients to benefit from this innovative approach to understanding and reviving product lines no longer in regular production.

If a key subcontractor is no longer able to support a component, GMI Solutions will review your older drawings or reverse engineer your electronic and mechanical designs. Your team may have developed the initial design, but they are better utilized designing next generation products. Working with you, GMI Solutions can make older, obsolete equipment profitable for you and simple to implement in the field.

GMI Solutions is a global ISO 13485 certified company, and we’re focused on providing the leading OEMs in the world the best solution for them and the final customers. GMI Solutions is the premier partner for getting exactly what you need.

Let GMI Solutions Hardware Archeologists™ take you from EOL back to ROI.