Embedded Systems & Software

GMI Solutions offers OEMs a complete outsourcing option for embedded computers for their equipment. We’ve been working with embedded platforms since the 80’s, and we understand the challenges of managing the quality and consistency levels required by OEMs for use in their products. We can build your complete assemblies and fully manage the embedded computer, offering OEMs true single-source convenience with guaranteed quality. We’ll also keep you up to date on the latest technologies that could benefit your products.

We offer services for every aspect of the turnkey solution;

  • Solid system level designs for critical applications
  • Full architecture prototyping
  • Platform level prototyping
  • System level lifecycle management
  • Component level revision and quality control
  • Full Device History Records for FDA compliance
  • High MTBF systems for extreme reliability
  • In-house expansion card design (all PC bus varieties)
  • Internal firmware, drivers, programming, BIOS development
  • CCC Certified embedded computers
  • All units 100% tested at a system level
  • Depot repair programs, extended warranty programs available
  • Reverse engineering services for legacy product support / redesign
  • Custom certified packaging
  • Full logistic services

GMI Solutions designs embedded computers for longevity and quality by targeting embedded components as well as suppliers that support long life product roadmaps.

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