All we do is OEM.

From subassemblies to complete turnkey assemblies GMI Solutions has the contract manufacturing capabilities to produce your products in a top-notch ISO 13485 controlled environment that includes a Class 10,000 clean room for sensitive assemblies. From a few hundred to a few thousand, we can assemble products in North America or China and can produce CCC Certified products. GMI Solutions also offers complementary expertise in mechanical design, embedded computers, electronic circuit design, power and cooling for the perfect enhancement to your team resources.

With robust, proven tools at every step, we can truly guarantee the consistency of your product.  We also test 100% of outbound products to ensure they comply wholly with your specific requirements.  Every time.

Premier Contract Manufacturing Services.

As a high-mix, low-volume manufacturing facility, GMI Solutions has developed a system based on controlling process and inspection points that has proven to be the best methodology for building application-specific solutions. OEMs from every industry can depend on GMI Solutions for the highest levels of quality and consistency. Each new production release has a formal Engineering/Manufacturing walk through process that includes a complete set of work instructions, all based on our internal procedures, which were developed specifically for control at every step, including initial product release. We have an automated database that tracks all of our inspections and tests through the manufacturing process, and records are maintained electronically. All electronic records are maintained perpetually, and are archived after a set period, normally many years after product warranty end. In the 30+ years we’ve been doing contract manufacturing for OEMs, GMI Solutions has developed a series of tools and processes geared specifically toward the unique requirements OEMs have.

We Embrace Complexity.

As an OEM, you understand that it’s not easy to outsource manufacturing for high complexity, low-to-mid volume builds. At GMI, we embrace complexity. Whether it’s a large BOM, complex assembly process, intensive testing or challenging logistics, the GMI team can help. Engaging with a contract manufacturing firm like GMI that offers additional synergetic services also means you get the convenience and cost savings of a single source and single SKU while still incorporating a variety of sourced parts. GMI can build your complex assemblies using our own supply chain, your preexisting suppliers or a combination of both. We offer a high level of component support while standing behind the entire assembly. If you need complex assemblies manufactured, GMI can help simplify the logistics at every step.

Services well beyond contract manufacturing.

When GMI manufactures an OEMs’ products, we have much more to offer than just assembly. We act as an extension of our customers’ organization, offering problem-solving solutions to help keep products moving on time and correctly. Design-for-manufacturing (DFM) services are offered and implemented organically. We work with our customers to develop better ways of manufacturing components, testing assemblies and managing logistics. Core competencies also include the manufacturing of custom cables, often a problematic element to complex assemblies in a high mix, mid volume scenario. Cables are manufactured internally under IPC-WHMA-A-620 and further controlled via our ISO processes. GMI offers a suite of services to help OEMs with supplier reduction programs, since more services can be combined into single-SKU convenience. When your contract manufacturer offers in-house design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, the reliability improvements can be developed and implemented significantly faster.

Control at every step.

Our tools and processes have been designed by GMI Solutions to accommodate flexibility while maintaining the utmost levels of quality and consistency.  These tools were built from the ground up with OEMs in mind. Through the elimination of errors , GMI Solutions has developed an overall manufacturing facility that succeeds in offering products of the very highest quality and consistency in an efficient manner. GMI utilizes automation and robust processes to guarantee you get exactly what you asked for. Every time. All products manufactured by GMI Solutions are 100% tested for strictest control over revision levels and quality.

pdf-icon See a few examples of the types of products we manufacture for OEMs here.