Do you need CCC Certification for your product?

The China Compulsory Certificate mark, commonly known as a CCC Mark, is a required safety mark for many products imported, sold or used in the Chinese market. Implemented in 2003, the certification has been updated multiple times, with major additions to the product groups that require CCC in 2009. It can be tricky to discern whether or not your product requires CCC to be sold in or imported to China. If you are visiting this page, you may be asking yourself;

  • How can I figure out if my products need CCC?
  • Do I need CCC certification to sell my products in China?
  • Do I need a CCC certified facility to manufacture my products?
  • What is the cost of CCC certification?
  • What is the process, and how long does it take?

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These are common questions. There are often several layers to the answers; for example, to be CCC certified, a product must be manufactured in a CCC certified manufacturing facility. This in itself can prevent many companies from pursuing the certification.

The Challenges of CCC Certification

  • Requires direct engagement with Chinese certification organization
  • Native Chinese language product technical information, application and communication required
  • Mark mandates a pre-inspected manufacturing facility (and annual inspections)
  • Risk of product pirating (known as “shanzhai” in China) with sample submission (required)
  • Field service parts (FRUs) also require unique CCC certifications
  • The IEC CB Scheme may be required, but offers additional benefits, including some certifications to be leveraged internationally.

The GMI Solutions global approach to CCC Certification

  • A wholly-USA-owned full manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China
  • Direct relationships with the testing houses
  • Products can be escorted to the testing facilities
  • Fluent in technical writing in English and Mandarin
  • Over 30 years experience with complex electro-mechanical assemblies and products

Products on which we can help OEMs with CCC

  • Electro-mechanical systems and subsystems
  • Embedded compute solutions
  • Power products from large, 2-ton 480V medical cabinets to internal switching power supplies
  • Capital equipment electronic sub-assemblies
  • Mission critical hardware that requires strict control and high quality

Additional benefits of working with GMI Solutions on global CCC manufacturing 

  • Prototyping and First Article release in USA with manufacturing in China
  • No need for a middleman or firm, saving time and reducing errors
  • Strong knowledge of CCC and designs with sensitivity to the requirements
  • Complete depot service capabilities and FRU management, including CCC requirements
  • Ongoing management of certification file and updates
  • Management of additional certification requirements, including China RoHS, safety certifications and others
  • Management of product variances for global export to accommodate different certifications (for example UL versus CCC)

Achieving CCC certification can be a daunting task; let us help you.

GMI Solutions can help design, redesign or certify an existing product. We offer full capabilities in both the United States and China. You have the freedom to follow the design process in North America – in your time region – and release to manufacturing a CCC certified product in China. Optionally, you can grow your sales reach by launching your CCC products in China with GMI’s facility in Shanghai. All with a single partner. Reach out today to start the conversation and discover how we can make the process simpler and faster and get your product to market sooner.

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