Strategic partners make all the difference.

With the right partners, everything gets better. GMI Solutions has high level relationships with some of the world’s premiere companies to help our customers leverage the advantages they have to offer. These partnerships allow GMI Solutions OEM customers to get a huge spectrum of services form a single source. Though we have many partnerships with component level manufacturers and design firms, the partners on this page represent major companies that GMI Solutions works with to create the very best solutions for the OEM.



As an Intel IoT Alliance member, GMI Solutions collaborates closely with Intel, aligning their technical roadmaps and programs, and optimizing development in sync with Intel platform releases. We participate in training, education, market development, and other ecosystem activities that help us deliver top solutions based on the latest Intel architecture, as well as expand the market for embedded IoT systems based on Intel products.

GMI Solutions has been working with Intel for many years; we have been a member of the Premier Provider program since 2002 and in the IoT Alliance since 2004. We know Intel products well, and offer a variety of platforms and products customized for the OEM’s specific requirements. Working with GMI Solutions offers many advantages, including in part:

  • IoT Solutions Alliance members benefit from early access to roadmaps, test platforms, and design support.
  • Faster time to market: Alliance members collaborate closely with Intel and each other to release optimized, interoperable solutions based on the latest Intel® processors.
  • Long lifecycle support: Intel’s 7-year extended lifecycle support for embedded processors and chipsets protects your development investment.



The NVIDIA® Tesla® Accelerated Computing Platform is the leading platform for accelerating big data analytics and scientific computing. The platform combines the world’s fastest GPU accelerators, the widely used CUDA® parallel computing model, and a comprehensive ecosystem of software developers, software vendors, and datacenter system OEMs to accelerate discovery and insight.

GMI Solutions has been working with OEMs and NVIDIA together for years. GMI is an NVIDIA Preferred Solutions Provider, and working with GMI Solutions offers many advantages, including in part:

  • System level design and contract manufacturing services for a complete solutions including the NVIDIA® Tesla® product line.
  • Guaranteed compatibility at a solution level.



GMI Solutions has a formalized partnership with bb7 (Bjorksten | bit 7 in Madison, WI).

The working agreement gives healthcare and biotech OEMs accelerated product development and lower cost programs by unifying both organizations’ service capabilities into a single streamlined program. The alliance combines GMI Solutions decades of experience as an OEM partner with Bjorksten | bit 7’s ability to design, engineer, and prototype award winning products. The alliance enables both companies to offer clients true end-to-end device design and manufacturing, from concept to production, all under the umbrella of 13485 oversight. This range of service is uncommon in the industry. GMI Solutions is a perfect match for bb7 because we are extremely experienced with manufacturing OEM devices that receive intense regulatory scrutiny from the FDA and other quality assurance systems, such as ISO 13485 and Quality System Regulation 21 CFR 820. This meshes perfectly with Bjorksten | bit 7’s experience with of designing world class products for top companies.



Optimal Design is an award winning product development and internet of things (IoT) solutions firm offering services from technology R&D, industrial design, engineering, software, and rapid prototyping. The firm provides these expertise specifically for the consumer/industrial electronics, medical, consumer durables, and housewares industries.

When you combine the premiere design services offered by Optimal with the manufacturing expertise of GMI, you have everything you need to get your product to market faster and create a competitive advantage.

Optimal Design services include:

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Prototyping & Low Volume Manufacturing

Operating out of their headquarters in the Chicago suburbs, Optimal employs a creative staff of 35 designers, engineers, and model makers to assist clients in delivering innovative solutions that enhance the user experience. Involved in generating over 150 patents over the past 15 years, Optimal also has a proven track record in creating patentable I.P. that protects the client’s investment.



GMI Solutions and MPE are partnered to offer OEMs the ability to work with a single team for complete mobile (cart) solutions and cabinetry. MPE’s expertise in industrial design and metal fabrication combined with GMI Solutions electro-mechanical expertise offers the ability for OEMs to leverage truly complete product design and manufacturing services from a single final source: GMI Solutions. MPE’s world class operations are located less than 5 miles from GMI Solutions’ North American headquarters, so collaboration is made simple.

About MPE:

MPE designs and manufactures custom, high-value medical carts, consoles, tables, metal fabrications and assemblies for medical and electronic OEMs. Our customers tap into MPE’s extensive experience, high-level skills and broad capabilities to help them bring custom innovative product solutions to market faster, at lower cost and with less hassle. More at


GMI Solutions carries a Silver OEM competency in the Microsoft Partnership Network for commitment to creating and delivering innovative OEM customer solutions. The award is recognized by Microsoft as a dedication to excellence, proven through training, exams and customer references of successful solution implementations.

As a global supplier, our embedded computer solutions provide improved stability, reliability and longevity for use in capital equipment. Software is a key component for these solutions and GMI’s relationship with Microsoft allows for high levels of direct support for licensing, managing and installing of operating systems and applications. With an intimate knowledge of the OEM products at every level, we offer expertise and consulting to companies facing the challenges of managing computer hardware and software.

With GMI being a Microsoft Partner with the OEM competency, you can rest assured that you have a large team of experts in your court.



ND Design is a full design firm located in Shanghai, China. ND is a premier destination for folks who need the finest design balanced with the best usability and superior aesthetics.

Famous for many award-winning medical designs, ND has accumulated plentiful OEM experience. GMI Solutions and ND have worked together on several Asian-based product designs. Visit their site at