GMI Solutions has manufacturing facilities in Milwaukee, USA and Shanghai, China.

These facilities operate under the same set of controls and processes, and products flow between the two seamlessly.

Since workflow is identical at the individual facilities, products can be manufactured in either region using the same instruction sets, testing, packaging, shipment and revision control. This also offers our customers an assurance of supply since programs can be quickly moved between the two facilities.

The North American facility:

  • GMI Solutions global headquarters
  • Built by GMI Solutions in 1994
  • Operates under QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) principles
  • Facility size doubled in 2011
  • 5S theories create clean, organized manufacturing

The Shanghai, China facility:

  • Is a wholly owned facility of GMI Solutions
  • Was developed by GMI Solutions from the ground up
  • Utilizes the same robust, proven processes
  • CCC Certification Services
  • Supplies GMI Solutions Americas with many subassemblies
  • Able to quickly double via additional level of building
  • Has been in full production since 2005

We always encourage our current or potential customers to visit our facilities. We have hosted many quality audits and have consistently received very high marks. Please let us know if you would like to take a peek at GMI Solutions capabilities; it’s a great way to see – first hand – why GMI Solutions is better for your product.

For the physical addresses of our facilities, see our Contact page.